What is the bangs for the forehead

By | 20th August 2018

The forehead is high, this is not so easy to change. If you want to change, you only have plastic surgery, but you can also not plasticize it. Just use bangs, what is the high volum for your forehead?

To talk about this forehead is high, this can not be changed. After all, this forehead is made up of bones. This forehead is suitable for bangs:What is the bangs for the forehead? Air bangs or oblique bangs

oblique bangs


The oblique bangs are really a long-lasting forehead weapon, whether it is long hair or short hair is suitable for a hair.

In addition, the sisters who have troubles in the hairline can also try to cut a thick oblique bangs, distracting everyone’s attention to your hairline…
What is the bangs for the forehead? Air bangs or oblique bangs

eyebrows bangs


After watching the classic models, let’s talk about this popular style in recent years, with a small and playful feel, suitable for the girl who likes the ancient spirit. If you usually pay attention to entertainment gossip or fashion, you will find that it is really super multi-star hipsters have tried.

The bangs on the eyebrows are also very good at modifying the forehead. If you are not so confident about your facial features, you don’t have to cut them too short. Just show your eyebrows a little.

air bangs

The little sweet and sweet girl’s sister paper is no stranger to this bangs. The air bang is actually suitable for girls with a large forehead.

After the cut, it comes with an elegant and ethereal temperament, so that the forehead is looming, and the wide area can be perfected.

Don’t worry about the forehead, choose the right bangs to get it.