The hottest perm hairstyle in winter

By | 29th November 2018

Every season wears different clothes, and the clothes are changed. Then the haircut must be changed. For example, wearing short sleeves in summer and wearing bread in winter, so the younger sister has to change a winter hairstyle, and it’s going to be New Year’s Day. Hair style is beautiful, New Year’s Day!
perm hairstyle

In fact, the most popular hair style in winter, in addition to wool rolls, there are other hair styles, if there is only one option, then it will feel very single, so Xiaobian also recommended five models that are also very popular in winter, you can choose.

French bangs perm hairstyle

perm hairstyle
Recently, it is very popular with Xin Yanlei’s hair style, and this French Liu Hai perm is an upgraded version of the French bangs short hair. In fact, French bangs perm and French bangs short hair, both hairstyles are very beautiful, but perm is more suitable for winter.

Trojan perm hairstyle

perm hairstyle
In the winter, there is a trend of a wooden horse hot, especially a small face, even if you are a big face or a round face girl, as long as the hair is concave, you can immediately show the visual appearance of the goose face, let the identification of the outline The degree is more vivid, and the facial features are more refined.

Egg roll perm hairstyle

perm hairstyle
The young lady’s concave egg head is full of fashion, quite thin and thin, and it is very popular in the season. It looks more white and shiny, and the egg roll of this color is very similar to winter. Or a small suit is very suitable, extremely versatile hairstyle.

Lazy haircut hairstyle

perm hairstyle
Hair style new hair style, lazy hot, lazy hot is very good care, suitable for a lazy cancer sisters a hairstyle, just blow dry hair at night, simply comb in the morning, and this hairstyle, also By the majority of men become the “first love hairstyle” Oh, so concave this hairstyle, it will look quite innocent.

Air perm hairstyle

perm hairstyle

Air hot is a hair perm style that looks quite layered. It is the exclusive hairstyle of the cute girls. It is also a hair style that is very suitable for round faces or big face ladies. It can turn your shortcomings into advantages and look like Cute and playful, people can’t help but want to kiss a piece of Fangze!