Several perm hair styles

By | 25th August 2018

Perm hair tail, this is also a kind of hair style that many people like very much. This perm hair tail can reduce the damage of hair. What are the perm hair style pictures? How many centimeters is the perm of the perm?

The elegant and elegant side of the pear flower hair type is more suitable for light mature women. The reddish brown hair dyeing natural combing has certain facial effect on both sides. The flat and long hair on both sides adopts the inner curl perm shape, beautiful The bangs line adds a sense of exquisiteness.

How many centimeters of perm hair style look good

The retro luxe one-side short hair style, the embossed perm design is more visual, this three-seven-length short hair is made of linen, and the hair is rounded and the hair is rounded. The tube shape is matched with the glasses, and it is more fashionable and tasteful.

The long curly hair on the middle part of the shape is not combed back to the back of the hair, and the hair on the other side naturally falls down naturally. The hairline of the broken hair is in the shape of an inner roll, with sunglasses and The suit has a ladylike lady.

perm hair

The progressive color rendering is one of the expressions of the girls’ self-characteristics. This bangs-style spiral perm hair starts from the top of the hair and is dyed with different dyeing patterns. Brown, bronze, purple with gray-green, hair color jumps The end of the flat hair ends to show the girl’s handsomeness and uniqueness.

Usually, the pear head gives a sweet and fresh lady’s temperament, and this side-shaped long curly-headed pear head is more elegant and sexy.

perm hair

The light yellow long hair is nine-pointed and the hair is placed on the shoulder. The amount of the perforated design of the perm arc with the fluffy shape is feminine.

Perm hair ends are generally 5 to 8 cm hair tails, usually 1 to 2 rolls.