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The hottest perm hairstyle in winter

Every season wears different clothes, and the clothes are changed. Then the haircut must be changed. For example, wearing short sleeves in summer and wearing bread in winter, so the younger sister has to change a winter hairstyle, and it’s going to be New Year’s Day. Hair style is beautiful, New Year’s Day! In fact,… Read More »

The latest wave of style perm

This year’s trend of perm is naturally soft and micro-volume, only the type of hot does not care about the size of the roll, also known as styling perm. Micro-volume is a very natural curvature, not much curl, you can only perm the tail, you can also burn the whole head, it depends on your… Read More »

Common types of ageing perm hairstyle

Many people think that perm is the most old, so let’s take a look at some common age-changing perm. Let’s take a look at it. The age-reduction effect will definitely subvert your prejudice against perm. Inner button perm hairstyle The versatile and durable perm belt gives people the feeling that it is a kind of… Read More »