How to tie a ponytail

By | 20th August 2018

Bubble ponytail, which is derived from the pony tail, this bubble ponytail is still very good-looking, how to tie the ponytail?

To talk about this bubble ponytail, this is what many people like. This bubble ponytail is based on the ponytail.
How to tie a ponytail with a hair

How to tie a ponytail with a hair

What is popular now is the bubble pony tail. The so-called “bubble pony tail” is to use a few rubber bands on the pony tail to make a small pattern, or twist or edit to show the sweetness of age reduction, and easily increase the shape. Richness, creating a playful summer refreshing look!


If you have a long hair, then this bubble ponytail is the best fit! First of all, it is the same as the ordinary Zama Tail method, but it needs to be higher for the effect!

By analogy, you can complete the beautiful bubble gum high pony tail!

Different ties have different effects, and the babies can find the “bubble pony tail” that suits them!

Zhafa on the ponytail of the bubble is introduced here, and I am not rushing to get this hairstyle for myself, that is, to bomb the sky.