Design fashion Liu Hai new style

By | 11th September 2018

Liu Haixin’s style can also be designed so stylishly, your hair style this year is still the same.

STYLE1: Fluffy air bangs continue

This year’s big-name keyword is definitely not the air bangs! It is completely true that the retro style is really coming back, just like the bangs that look at the pearls when you were young. However, this kind of bangs is long and thin and then hot. The bend will look good, I don’t like the childish feeling of the thick sister’s head, I must try it~


Through the fluffy feeling brought by the bangs, I also took the opportunity to pick up the overall hairstyle, and build this autumn and winter to sleep hard!

STYLE2: Liu Hai presents cute angel wings

Cute angel wings bangs, is to bend the bangs on both sides of the cheekbones, it looks like not only playful but also “showing a small face”, very decorative face effect! You can take the electric stick to the outside for a half circle, almost The effect of the micro-roll is fascinating!


It can also be applied to the hairline behind the bangs plate, which is very helpful for girls with high cheekbones!

STYLE3: Bright personality on the eyebrows of the bangs

The bangs on the eyebrows combined with the air sense is definitely the bangs you must try this year. It can bring out the five senses, and it has a lazy fu~ cut short, it looks more handsome, and the eyebrows are about 1-2 cm. It is the sweetest and the best short bangs~


Think that the flat cut is too boring? Then you can also consider the oblique way ~ looks very type!

With the girl’s hair, horsetail, etc., there is a sense of conflict that is not violated, very cute!

STYLE4: mature big side long bangs


Most of the girls will look forward to the bangs, showing a charming forehead is even more fresh, but if you really want to challenge this bangs, then let the bangs continue to grow from today, it is very long to stay long. And the long bangs must be matched with the big electric rod to burn the big curvature, it looks more feminine~