Beautiful braided hair style

By | 1st September 2018

Some girls like long hair fluttering, while some girls like to braid their hair to make their style more beautiful. Hair braiding is one of the hairstyles that many girls love. Hair braiding can bring you a kind of fairy, elegant temperament. So what style is chosen to look good?

Recommend several styles of braided hair

This girl is braided, messy yet elegant, and the hair is gradually increased in hair braiding style. It is easy to change the side braiding. To make the shape better, you can choose your favorite hair accessory and bring you full. The girl’s heart is simply beautiful.

braided hair

I put all my hair on one side into a fish bone, let him put it on the chest naturally, and blow the bangs up slightly to reveal the charming forehead. It looks very refreshing. It should be noted that the whole shape should be loose. So it doesn’t look like a dull feeling.

braided hair

This is a Korean style haircut. The hair that grows to the waist is braided hair into a scorpion and hangs on one side. It looks elegant and elegant. The thin air bangs and the plain state look very white, and the whole shape looks like it. Very fresh.

If you are not short hair with shoulders, this is a short curly hair, you can try this style, very simple and practical, take a few minutes before going out to enhance the fashion sense.

braided hair

It is not only the patent of long hair, but also the short and medium hair can create different styles. Learn how to make braided hair, and you can have different hairstyles every day.