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Fresh and sweet girl air bangs

Air bangs are thin and involute, faintly able to see the bangs of the eyebrows. The air bangs style can not be tested at first, followed by the trend of Korean drama hair style, gentle air bangs not only abandon the heavy feeling, but also modify the face shape, making people look fresh and natural.… Read More »

Korean style air bangs hairstyle

When girls choose hair styles, they like to choose some sweet hair styles. What kind of hairstyles are sweet and beautiful? Nowadays, this kind of Korean-style air bangs hairstyle is popular. The front is designed as a splayed air bangs, followed by a beautiful little shawl. This air bangs hairstyle looks sweet and generous, and… Read More »

Air bangs and face are perfect match

Liu Hai is one of the most effective age-reducing hairstyles. However, different face types also have their own bangs style. Even your favorite air bangs, there are many ways to interpret. The most suitable bangs for heart-shaped faces: less and distinct Reese Witherspoon is the standard heart-shaped face. She always appears in the image of… Read More »

Design fashion Liu Hai new style

Liu Haixin’s style can also be designed so stylishly, your hair style this year is still the same. STYLE1: Fluffy air bangs continue This year’s big-name keyword is definitely not the air bangs! It is completely true that the retro style is really coming back, just like the bangs that look at the pearls when… Read More »

Check the most popular men’s oblique bangs hairstyle

Counting the secret weapon of the most popular men’s oblique bangs hairstyle, Aimei is no longer a girl’s patent, boys should also learn to dress themselves, first of all from the hair, at least let yourself look a little spirit, not afraid to find a girlfriend。 First of all, you must learn to love yourself… Read More »

Air bangs can also change shape

Summer is here, many sisters think that there is a thick bangs on the forehead that will be very stuffy. If you have this confusion, I suggest you try the air bangs. The light and airy bangs are not only sweet and age-reducing, but also with perm and Hair dye is more temperament goddess style.… Read More »

What is the bangs for the forehead

The forehead is high, this is not so easy to change. If you want to change, you only have plastic surgery, but you can also not plasticize it. Just use bangs, what is the high volum for your forehead? To talk about this forehead is high, this can not be changed. After all, this forehead… Read More »