Air bangs can also change shape

By | 21st August 2018

Summer is here, many sisters think that there is a thick bangs on the forehead that will be very stuffy. If you have this confusion, I suggest you try the air bangs. The light and airy bangs are not only sweet and age-reducing, but also with perm and Hair dye is more temperament goddess style.

Let your versatile air bangs

Air bangs are thin and involute, faintly able to see the bangs of the eyebrows. The air bangs style can not be tested at first, followed by the trend of Korean drama hair style, gentle air bangs not only abandon the heavy feeling, but also modify the face shape, making people look fresh and natural.

The light maroon hair color looks elegant and generous, and the natural air bangs are paired with exquisite nude makeup, which looks more elegant and beautiful.

 air bangs

The gray color of the pencil ash makes the inner button look more attractive, and the versatile jeans look even more age-reducing, and the playful expression is more cute.

The playful hair style with light linen color makes the overall hairstyle look very dynamic, and the thin bangs match the look of the princess.

The air bangs can also be used together with the braiding and hair. The top of the head is half-tie, and the following rolls are randomly rolled, simple and pure.