Air bangs and face are perfect match

By | 13th September 2018

Liu Hai is one of the most effective age-reducing hairstyles. However, different face types also have their own bangs style. Even your favorite air bangs, there are many ways to interpret.

The most suitable bangs for heart-shaped faces: less and distinct


Reese Witherspoon is the standard heart-shaped face. She always appears in the image of Liu Hai. It is because of their obvious bones on the temples on both sides. It is suitable for softening the two sides with the bangs with less hair and different levels. Skeleton.

The most suitable for the square face of the bangs: soft and round lines


The square shape of the face really needs soft lines to improve. A straight cut of bangs is definitely not suitable for square faces. It is best to let the hair stylist burn the bangs out of the arc to soften the lines of the face.

The most suitable for the round face of the bangs:


It is a truth to soften the square face with the curved line. The round face should be reversed, and the straight line should be used to neutralize it. Clear horizontal lines make the face look perfect. Liu Hai can be better above the eyebrows.

Best for elliptical face (long forehead): thick bangs and try mid-point


The elliptical face is actually a perfect face, but it is inevitable that the long forehead will lengthen the proportion of the face. The best way is to leave the bangs thicker and create a short forehead with a diagonal angle.

Best for bangs with elliptical face (short forehead):


The short forehead is actually not suitable for staying in the bangs, because the bangs will shorten the distance between the eyebrows and the hairline, but in order to highlight the personality style, you can leave a very short bangs.