A variety of male hair styles

By | 21st August 2018

Haircuts are no less than girls’ makeup for boys, so a hair style that suits you is important to boys. Hair styles are suitable for your own face, but also have a full range of fashion, it is also very important to manage hair styles in a fast-paced life.

Translucent micro-curly male hair style

male hair styles

After being trimmed and thinned, after the perm treatment, the hair becomes emptied, the slightly curly hair has a sense of literacy and the hair does not need to be treated deliberately after each shampoo, which greatly saves each time going out. Preparation time.

The micro-curly type hangs naturally on the head, but it does not stick to the scalp. It is very literary and transparent, and it is trendy, sunny, cute and cute.

Partial short hair style male hair style

male hair styles

Partial short hair is a mature hair style. It is a good choice for boys who prefer to take a mature route. Especially for Asians with relatively flat faces, the partial distribution type is more suitable and can make the face more stereoscopic.

The partial distribution type is a more classic male hair style. It is a time-tested fashion fan, and the key is that the partial distribution type is a hair style that ordinary people can take care of themselves, and does not have to be made by professionals.

Short aircraft head male hair style

male hair styles

The aircraft head is also a classic male hair styles in the history of hair style. In the improved short aircraft head, it does not need a long bangs to comb out.

The short aircraft head is more fashionable, sunny and dynamic. It is also very easy to take care of. The hair of the bangs is reversed to the back of the head. The hair can be lifted by the shape and the tail is caught high. Hair style has an increasing effect.